We make this claim based on the total environmental impact of a product, including:

  • Energy consumed and pollution caused in the manufacturing process.
  • Energy consumption and pollution caused by operating the units.
  • Overall impact on the environment.
  • Our units consume less than $5 energy per year.

All other types of water treatment, including conventional water softeners and reverse osmosis systems, have much larger manufacturing energy costs with attendant environmental and running costs when in operation. Even filters have to be disposed of with concentrations of the minerals that we are anxious to remove from our water supplies.

These figures seem insignificant when compared to the environmental savings which result from the ability of CALCLEAR to treat commercial flows of water with high mineral content and changing them into a supplies that have all the benefits of soft water and not only prevent scale from forming but progressively descale all pipes, boilers, water heaters, irrigation systems, laundries, kitchen equipment. This is achieved without using chemicals or taking equipment out of service. By eliminating acid descaling and chemical treatment from all these operations, huge volumes of chemicals are prevented from entering our soils, rivers and drainage systems.

Further savings are made by eliminating the harmful sodium deposits left by conventional water softeners as a by product of the their operation. There are also further energy savings resulting from the scale removal from all water heating equipment which add up to a reduction of fuel consumption of around 20% (limescale is a great insulator).

As the treated flow assumes all the properties of soft water (due to the conversion of large crystals into sub 4 micron particles), much less detergent is required and fabric softeners are no longer a necessity. Overall the potential for removing or reducing chemicals from our daily life is so great that substantial and sustainable benefits to our environment can be brought within reach whilst we simultaneously enjoy the financial benefits of the most cost-effective water treatment available.

Last, but not least, recent tests have proved that plants irrigated with CALCLEAR treated water show significant growth improvements due to the minerals, particularly calcium, being made into a tiny particle form easily taken up and translocated throughout the plants. The increased calcium levels throughout the plant give a range of growth and health improvements including, bigger plants with longer shelf life, better taste, minimal growing problems and greater resistance to disease. If we can grow plants this good from water supplies that would normally cause growing problems then we can probably reduce the use some of the chemicals that are currently used to solve these problems and which ultimately end up in the soil or in our food.

CALCLEAR – Good for the environment? We rest our case!