Innovative water treatment

Reduce maintenance costs – no chemicals

Increase quality crops


Invented and built in Australia, but solves hard water for the world

The CALCLEAR system stands out as the most cost effective, environmentally friendly water softening treatment process available.

The CALCLEAR water conditioner  uses sophisticated microprocessors and programming to generate rapidly changing waveform. These signals are transmitted via antennae wound tightly around the (patented) prewound pipe installed inline your water supply pipe.

“The CALCLEAR water conditioning technology works by disrupting the attraction between mineral crystals, keeping them in solution and making the water feel softer and preventing scale formation. CALCLEAR offers an economical treatment this is both prevention and cure for most of the scaling and corrosion problems caused by water in industry, agriculture and in the home.”

CALCLEAR offers an entirely new approach to water treatment which uses a precise series of computer generated sine waves to neutralise the bonding ability of the minerals in our water supplies. This effectively disrupts the surface charge and attraction between minerals, keeping them in solution and not forming scale on the surface of equipment. The process is so effective that existing scale deposits are also progressively broken down and flushed away within a three month period.

What is required? A power outlet and plumber to install are needed to complete installation.

The CALCLEAR system is effective for any pipe material and can be fitted inline by your plumber in minimal time. It’s a fit and forget system.

The potential for savings in terms of equipment life, maintenance, eliminating downtime, de-scaling chemicals, softening chemicals, and repairs, are unprecedented.

BONUS – plants will grow stronger with reduced time and more prolific flowering and fruiting and crops with longer shelf life

International Hydroponic consultant, Peter Doyle, wont build a system without a CALCLEAR.

It’s the only fit and forget system.

Why did Peter Doyle install a CALCLEAR?

Reduced maintenance and Crop improvements

What Happened To The Calcium Scale?

"I don’t build a Hydroponic farm without a CALCLEAR"

The CALCLEAR system is unique in combining:


An effective de-scaling and scale prevention system (without the use of chemicals)


An economical supply of softened water (without salt or backflushing)


A water supply with proven increased plant growth and health benefits

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