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CALCLEAR softwater

The CALCLEAR computerised water conditioners were originally aimed at the Domestic market as a low cost, maintenance-free and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional water softeners which need plumbing, maintenance, backflushing and endless supplies of salt.

Salt softeners are a fixture of the past and soon to be banned in US states.

  • Ionises entire water flow
  • Improves taste of water
  • Softens water for improved shampoo lather
  • Descales toilet , hot water services, pipework , valves and taps.
  • Saves on repair and service bill
  • Prolongs plumbing fixture life
  • Reduces quantity of detergent required for better washing
  • Dishwashers and airconditioners scale reduced

It can treat water flows in pipes for Domestic application up to 50 mm/ 2″ in diameter.

domestic water conditioner

soften water and prevent scale formationIt rapidly became apparent that the CALCLEAR units not only softened the water and prevented scale formation but progressively removed existing scale deposits.

All this achieved without chemicals or maintenance, and with negligible running costs, and for a price that was normally less than the plumbing costs of a conventional water softener.

This brings the CALCLEAR water treatment within reach of almost every homeowner. The energy, repair and maintenance savings and prolonged life of any water using appliances normally pays for the purchase price of the units in the first 18 months.

Our current smallest model, the CALCLEAR Mobile SOFTWATER, has been developed further and is a stronger unit. Australian conditions have made it necessary to have a unit to cope with the many varied salts, especially in drought and rural conditions when underground mineral water is extremely hard .

The lifestyle benefits of soft water, which include improved taste and water clarity, better washing results and the removal of stains from kitchen and bathroom surfaces, are a welcome bonus, whilst the health benefits range from removal of shower mould and a reduction in skin irritations due to the lack of mineral crystals on the skin.

CALCLEAR also changes the calcium crystals into a form that can be absorbed directly from the water by plants and animals.

This has proven growth benefits for your garden plants and is likely to promote healthy bone structures and have a beneficial effect on problems such as kidney stones, which are little balls of calcium crystals forming inside the kidney.

Most home owners, however, are just happy to have softer hair and skin and know that their hot water services, washing machines and dishwashers are not scaling up and that an expensive visit by the ‘repair man’ will become a rare event.

When all this is added up and the benefits to the environment are taken into account, it soon becomes clear that there is no better way to treat your water supply.

Opal mining town - Coober Pedy, South Australia

The Downunder Gallery & Café – Vickie

I bought the CALCLEAR Softwater to fit under my bench in my coffee shop. I needed to have ongoing water treatment to stop scale formation  in my coffee machine. Usually it has to be sent away annually to Adelaide to be serviced so there is downtime.

Anyway it’s working away but what I really notice is the difference in the water and how it is better for my skin. My hands haven’t dried out from the hard water and feel much softer! 

Geraldton Western Australia – Itchy skin

G’day Robbie,

Just dropping a belated note about one of your products I installed at Easter. My parents live in Geraldton in W.A. & for 18 years. They have been suffering from terrible itching after they had showered. For years after (they) ever showered, they covered themselves in Sorbolene to control the itching.

Since I have installed the Digital Water Conditioner they no longer use Sorbolene. My mother says she is using less detergent in the washing machine, that the detergent is actually in the water not frothing on top as people in hard water areas know only too well. The tiles in the shower now require less scrubbing & mould is virtually non existent.

She has 3 rose bushes that have gone mad.

If you wish to use this as a testimonial feel free & people can contact if they like.

Stephen Gonzo Wendt | Plumber 0407 992 928


We’ve been selling CALCLEAR for nine years in the Tamworth region and have seen amazing results .

As the drought has taken hold in our area, ground water is getting more concentrated in minerals. More  people are using ground water throughout their homes and are looking for a cost effective treatment, one that doesn’t use harsh or dangerous chemicals.

On the farms in the area there also has been great results. Poultry farms have used CALCLEAR to keep their bell drinkers clean (eliminating costly and dangerous acid dipping ) saving money on labour and chemicals , protecting evaporative batts etc…….

Dairy farmers also have seen benefits in CALCLEAR WATER TREATMENT.

Bore water is used to washdown milking areas , a slippery film of calcium was being left on the concrete, CALCLEAR has been deployed to tackle this problem with immediate results.

Bernie @ Davidson Bros Electrical, Tamworth NSW 2340  | PH +61 428722295  

Dennis Caldwell - Alpine Real estate. Jindabyne East NSW AUSTRALIA

It sure works quickly….. 

Robbie – Hi, installed the unit as soon as we received it, and have handed out many brochures to people around us.

The first night both toilet water cisterns started leaking, and upon inspection, the valve washers had calcium particles right thru them. It sure works quickly!

Laraine has noticed a big difference in the hairdressing salon, hair is softer, and in some cases she has had to review the protocol of some customers to suit the softer water.

Our shower screen (which we wipe every morning) is so much easier to wipe, ( we still do it) and we can see the water running down the glass in globules instead of a flat sheet.

We understand that it may take a couple of months to get rid of the deposited calcium from the HWS and pipes, but we are amazed at the changes that are slowly (and quickly) occurring.

Thank you, thank you !