CALCLEAR Technology

The CALCLEAR system uses sophisticated microprocessors and programming to generate rapidly changing waveforms which are transmitted through the (patented) prewound pipe to treat the water flow.

In the time taken to pass through this field, the mineral crystals are reduced to tiny particles of 4 microns or less. The treated water stays charged and starts to break down existing scale and mineral deposits on any pipes or equipment connected to the supply.

A 220-240V AC power outlet is need to complete installation by your qualiifed plumber.  The CALCLEAR prewound system is effective on any pipe material and can be fitted in minutes without any interruption to the water flow or operations – refer to Warranty.

CALCLEAR treated water will result in:


Hard water softened in commercial quantities without using chemicals


Chemical free descaling. Eliminate the need for corrosive chemicals to transport and use for descaling.


Progressive de-scaling of irrigation systems, boilers, valves, elements, pipes and pumps


Prevention of limescale forming on new or reconditioned equipment


Effective use on bore / well water supplies


Reduced maintenance and energy costs

CALCLEAR Treated Water


The CALCLEAR system stands out as the most cost effective, environmentally friendly water treatment available.

Research has shown that it was the bonding mechanism that allowed minerals to combine with each other to form crystals and attach themselves to other surfaces in the form of scale. It was found that a rapidly changing waveform would neutralise these bonds. Our patented system has other advantages.

The waveforms had to be generated accurately and at very high speed and it has taken advanced microprocessors and programming to bring this technology to the market place.

The process has proved to be so effective that not only is crystal formation prevented but existing scale deposits are progressively broken down and entire plumbing systems have become scale free within a 3 month period. The mineral particles in the treated flow were found to be 4 microns or less and all the properties of soft water are assumed.

It was also found that neutralised mineral particles were largely non-reactive and much of the corrosive process ceased. As all this is achieved without using chemicals, the CALCLEAR system offers significant environmental benefits. Running costs are minimal (approx $10 per year) and the system runs maintenance-free.

It is now possible to treat entire water supplies to buildings or sections of buildings with commercial volumes of soft water that not only stops scale forming but will de-scale all pipes and equipment connected to the CALCLEAR treated water without taking it out of service.


The CALCLEAR system is the future of water treatment.


The CALCLEAR system stands out as the most cost effective, environmentally friendly water treatment process available.

CALCLEAR’s computerised water conditioning system offers an entirely new approach to water treatment which uses a precise series of computer generated sine waves to neutralise the bonding ability of the minerals that are contained in our water supplies. This effectively breaks down large mineral crystals into tiny mineral particles and prevents them from reacting with other minerals or bonding to any surface to form scale. The process is so effective that existing scale deposits are progressively broken down and flushed away within a three month period

Advantages of CALCLEAR over conventional water softening technology:


  • Low capital outlay
  • Minimal fitting cost and time – no plumbing required
  • Minimal running costs – $10 electricity per year, no salt to add
  • Maintenance-free, true fit and forget system
  • No limitation on flow rate. The faster the flow, the better it works
  • Unaffected by water pressure – antennae on outside of pipe work
  • No downtime. Equipment de-scaled without taking it out of service. No salt regeneration
  • Portable – fitted or removed in minutes
  • No extra space required
  • Environmentally friendly – no chemicals needed