Laboratory Tests & Conclusions


The following are extracts from Independent European Laboratory Reports where tests were carried out on the CALCLEAR water conditioning units to European (EU) standards.

Test 1: Hardness test

dH = Degree German Hardness 1dH = 1.25 English Hardness (Clark). 1dH =1 0mg CaCo3 = 1.25 (Clark).

Unit installed on water supply for 7 day water hardness test. Before installation hardness of water 7.25 dH. Thirty minutes after installation reading was 5.75 dH.

Other results were as follows:

Date 20/8 21/8 22/8 23/8 24/8 25/8 26/8 27/8
dH 5.25 5.25 5.25 4.75 4.50 4.50 4.25 4.25


The hardness of water was reduced from 7.25 dH to 4.25 dH over the test period. The CALCLEAR unit reduced water hardness by 41% under test conditions.

Test 2: Turbidity

Shows the amount of Calcium (and/or Magnesium) salts affected by the unit and “neutralised’ i.e made incapable of forming scale.

Two month laboratory trial installed to laboratory water supply:

 Before test5 days10 days15 days20 days25 days
Calcium (ppm)370350350360340340
Turbidity (ppm)59590754545
% of Calc. susp.09692909090
Depth of scale (mm)

The boiling vessel used in the trial contained a hard deposit of some 1.3mm calcium salts, accrued over 5 years use of the laboratory water supply. The CALCLEAR unit reduced depth of limescale from 1.3mm to 0.2mm over a 2 month period. The unit installed and used as per manufacturers instructions performed well over the test period. It can be said to perform its main function of removing and preventing limescale in a very effective way, particularly in light of the test conditions which were very rigorous. Other effects of the treatment are as claimed, i.e enhanced effectiveness of soaps and detergents, eventual extension of the working life of heating elements etc. There is no detectable alteration of the drinking quality of the water, either hot or cold.

The CALCLEAR Water Conditioner unit reduced limescale deposit on the test vessel by 84% over a 60-day period under laboratory conditions.

It is important to note that in most cases where the system has been trialled, the particle count in the water has shown an increase in the first few days. This is because the particles have been broken down to under 4 micron size and the descaling process has begun to take limescale deposits back into solution. Although there are more of these particles they are incapable of reforming scale and will be flushed away and being ionised they will help to further descale the entire water system.