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Flower Grower - Forrest and Carol Baker, Burley,IDAHO

We currently own a top of the line Kinetico water softener that cost over $4000.  It was a fine system.  However, my wife and I are aging and she suffers from Osteoporosis.  We try to introduce Calcium in her diet as much as possible.  When I heard about Calclear, I realized that my water softener stripped vital minerals from our tap water including calcium and magnesium and replaced them with salt.  Since installing Calclear we have been able to keep those minerals in the water and add calcium to our diets without purchasing more pills.
However, that is not the only improvement that we noticed by any means.  In fact, within a month of having installed Calclear we noticed improvements both inside our home and kitchen and outside in our garden!  The kitchen sink and appliances are all Stainless Steel.  The Kinetico made it easier to clean them, but Calclear has outperformed our water softener.  In fact, since installing CALCLEAR I turned off the water softener and saw a better performance out of a digital than we ever saw from our Kinetico.

Larry T - Triple T Ranch - Santa Rosa, CA

My tip burn (Lettuce) went away after 4 days and the over-all plant health went up. I had to harvest sooner the next few weeks until I caught up with the faster pace of the new growth.

So I got one for my house to see if it would clean up my toilets, it did that and also got rid of the Sulfur smell.

Mark M - Espresso 101 - Arcata, CA

The CALCLEAR has definitely softened (our) hands. It’s making our sinks easier to clean too…scale has just been flaking off… “It’s made a big difference in the holding tank on the brewing machine plus it was the first time the Espresso water softener didn’t need recharging…

Starting the month after I installed the CALCLEAR my electric water heating bill dropped from the previous month and is now ~ $40 per month less compared to the same time last year, yet I’m open more hours and have more business!

Doug O Tailspin Bar & Grill, Las Vegas, NV

My shower used to feel like needles hitting my face, immediately after I got the Calclear Water Conditioner my shower feels great, like a smooth sensation!

The water is so hard here that for 10 years I have been putting skin lotion on every day to keep my skin from drying up, now I don’t have to, my skin feels a lot better. And the thing I really like about the CALCLEAR over a water softener is that I don’t have to put in salt in all the time.

Handcraft Services – Richmond VA

Our boiler conditions now are 1800-1700 tds, it used to cycle from 2800-4500 tds

Water usage way down, waste water way down, gas consumption is way down, psi 125, (way down means 25% +) stack temp 325 degrees 97-98% efficiency, 347 degree temp outlet now, was 400, outlet air cooler than the tubes, Gas was pushed to the limit before and was burning orange now it’s backed way off and is nice and blue.

“We now have too much boiler for the Laundry” it’s a good problem to have!!

J.L. Boiler engineer

Thanks for the lead!

A recent boiler engineer had 1/32″ scale cleaned off in one week with only the Digital! They had a scheduled rebuild and saw the before and after, should have photos too. He’s getting very excited!! They had to drop the gas input by 25% in only 2-3 days! + No More chemicals!  I’m getting a better idea of what the effects are in a time line with the Calclear on old boilers. Amazing!

Brian Hammer, American Hydroponics ,Commercial Department . USA

I’ve just discovered how good the Calclear is – when it was turned off !

My Calclear was damaged during an electrical error so I went without a Calclear for 5 weeks. I forgot how much the unit helps. Almost immediately, algae build-up started in the collector, in addition to salt deposits

particularly in the heating system. Most importantly tip burn occurred in certain varieties of lettuce such as Little Gem, and I could only prevent it by dumping 10-15% of the reservoir per week. After installing the new Calclear I can grow Little Gem with out dumping and it no longer tip burns. The algae has now reduced significantly, and there are no ‘salt’ deposits in the pipes or heating system.

“My tip burn (Lettuce) went away after 4 days and the over-all plant health went up. I had to harvest sooner the next few weeks until I caught up with the faster pace of the new growth.”

Richmond Farms, Placerville, California. USA

CALCLEAR ? – It’s the best thing! I have 51 NFT tables, all lettuce and some herbs. There used to be algae everywhere before we got the Calclear system. Now I have none! Every farm should have a Calclear. I tell all my friends. I used to clean out all the drains every week and now I have gone from cleaning our every week to everything being clean all

the time. Yes, of course I think Hydroponics is the way to go… Hydroponics or nothing.

By the way do you guys at Calclear sell anything else ?!!!!

C F – Horticulturalist - Arcata, CA

“I Definitely noticed a healthier green coloration to the plants and do not see any white mineral deposits on the leaves or on the water distiller like we had before.”

We have two gardens in transition, one with the CALCLEAR and one without, and it’s obvious to see which is which by looking at the health of the plants.”

Grenville Stocker, New Zealand

We have had several positive reports from clients who are using the Calclear water treatment unit on their nutrient system, we would like to hear back from other users of these units, if you think they are helping or not.

One very interesting comment from a lettuce grower was regarding the improvement in his green frilly lettuces, always hard to grow well in tough climatic conditions, but his were excellent with very little bolting or tip burn. This at a time of the year when reports from other growers were indicating that the green frilly’s were not doing very well, bolting, tip burn etc, and proving to be very hard to get good results. We have confidence in these units, when installed correctly, as we have seen the results produced in Australia, where twin systems on the same site, one with and one without a Calclear unit, the difference was clear to see, much reduced tip burn, larger and faster growing lettuces.

The units when used on Tomato and Capsicum systems result in reductions of blossom end rot, again as a result of easier uptake of Calcium into the plant. These units are never going to produce 100% results, unless all other remedial measures are taken as well. For example, a Calclear will not help if the humidity is far too high, as the plants will still suffer Calcium deficiency if they cannot transpirate water. If there is a major deficiency of Calcium in the nutrient, again they will not help, even adding extra Calcium to the nutrient when the humidity is too high, will not help greatly, but if we attend to the plants basic requirements, then these units will produce startling results.

Grenville Stocker. Consultant for Indra WIRAWAN Director Betterlife PT. Grita Farm Indonesia

Robbie, Thanks, all is going well. The units are installed on lettuce systems in Indonesia, in an attempt to stop tip burn in hot damp conditions.

Without the units they were getting a lot of tip burn, now very much reduced, but in the local climate it is going to be almost impossible during the wet season to stop tip burn completely.

Etu Moana Resort, Aitutaki, Cook Islands

My wife Amanda and I are the new managers here at Etu Moana Resort,  Aitutaki, Cook Islands.  So far, the Calclear unit has really improved the calcium situation.  The heat exchanger that used to have to be cleaned every three months with HCL has now been in for 6 months.  The frequency of having to clean toilet parts that have been clogged with calcium had dropped significantly as well.  I just replaced all of the aerators for the taps because they had been worn away with constant HCL use to clear away the calcium deposit.  I haven’t had any problems and just have to remove them and clear out the granular deposit that gathers in behind (as well as the shower heads).  I think this might be residual deposits inside the supply line coming loose but I’m not too sure.  Regardless, it’s much better than it was before according to my discussions with Jim.

Hopefully we have a chance to meet you in person one day here in the South Pacific.

Thanks for checking in.


Its amazing how it happens. I got our project Plumber to come to my house on Tuesday afternoon to look at my taps following the CALCLEAR installation. All strainers on the outlets for the sink and hand basins were clear and inside one Caroma PVC cistern clear.

One cistern which I had replaced about 6 months ago did show a thin calcium mark on the water level line which spoilt the average.

 We still have the second house to check and will do this next week.

 We also had meetings this week with our water supplier (same Company does Sydney and Vanuatu water supplies) and have a plan to run our 63mm poly in through a 75mm gal manifold and having our meters branching off the mainfold. We would install your CALCLEAR unit prior to the manifold in the Water Meter room.

Will advise how we go after next weeks look !!!!

Walker & Diane E. Tempe, Arizona February-2019

We removed our saltwater softener 3 years ago because of all the salt that was needed and the units never lasted more than 4 years. We learned of the Calclear unit from a friend and what we learned it sounded like something we could try and with the guarantee nothing to lose. The unit installed easily and only way you know it’s there is the green light on the unit. We didn’t pay any attention to the water till 2 weeks later we noticed that our shampoo and showers were much more soft and no itchy skin. The clothes come out of the laundry much better and the dishwasher had no spots on the glasses. The Calclear effect doesn’t happen immediately but within 2 weeks you will slowly see changes in your water around the house. We are very pleased with the Calclear and would recommend it for anyone with hard water.

Jerry S. Sun Lakes, Arizona 3-2019

I purchased this house 10 years ago and the house has never had a water softener so didn’t realized what soft water was like. Installed the Calclear product since I didn’t want to deal with salt and have another water unit in my house. I’m what they call a snowbird so I’m here only 6 months a year. What I noticed within 2 weeks was my shower was much more enjoyable with my skin and hair feeling very soft and clean. The dishwasher seems to work better and towels and shirts are softer. I look forward to this fall when I can use the water for a full 6 months or more. 

The result is CALCLEAR units deliver a super treatment that enhances the treatment per litre/sec of heavily mineralised water. This has been more successful in treating scale buildup in pipes caused by heavily mineralised water and resolved other costly problems such as the treatment of iron and iron bacteria buildup in irrigation pipework.

This advanced technology has been welcomed by distributors and the results are extremely exciting!