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A.T from “Fiddlers Green “ in the Gold Coast

The Irish Love us!

A.T from “Fiddlers Green “ in the Gold Coast contacted us to say how delighted he was with the CALCLEAR Water conditioner. “ It’s been fantastic Robbie – your CALCLEAR DID EVERYTHING YOU SAID IT WOULD! We purchased the CALCLEAR because our glass washer was covered in white Calcium scale. Now I don’t have to spend hours cleaning it now. Glasses are sparkling!

Also, yes and our toilets – they are clean and the urinals have no scale.

The kettle ? yes– and no problems with the dishwasher.

CALCLEAR suggestion – call in to see Anthony and have a drink at the Fiddlers Green. He would love to have a chat and has plenty of time now he isn’t cleaning all his commercial kitchen !

BOILER SCALE REMOVAL- Bunbury Western Australia

P.B. in Bunbury who is the President of the Master Plumbers Association was very impressed with the CALCLEAR he put on.

After a few weeks the boiler showed a great reduction in scale build up. Normally he had to remove 5 wheelbarrows of scale from this abattoir boiler.

Post Script –Yearly  Boiler inspection showed no scale – opened it up , had a look and closed it again !!!

Moffat, Melbourne

The Moffat group designs, develops, manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of commercial food service & bakery equipment and products. They supply Warewashing (Dishwashers and Glasswashers), Cooking, Bakery, Refrigeration equipment.

At Moffat we install a CALCLEAR Water Conditioner on our Convotherm Combi ovens to  ensure ongoing maintenance is reduced. Once they are installed I know I don’t have to  worry about the ovens- especially in Rural areas.

Woolworths stores decided to use the CALCLEAR after they compared ovens with / without CALCLEAR. It was an easy decision.

Rinnai-Hot Water. South Australia – Hot water

Two Rinnai water heaters had come for servicing from very hard water areas of South Australia . The heat exchangers were heavily scaled with Calcium buildup and needed replacing.

We fitted the CALCLEAR Pre wound pipe, filled the scaled up heater with CALCLEAR treated water and left it to sit over the weekend. On Monday we fired up the heaters, fitted a stocking over the outlet and turned on the tap. CALCLEAR treated water passed through the scaled up heater, the scale was dislodged and shot out into the stocking filter thus removing the buildup on the heat exchangers.

The outcome was that  the heat exchangers were cleaned up and didn’t need  replacing.

V.I. Rinnai

CARPET CLEANERS -Steven and Leigh Kingham - Stain Busters Cleaning Systems, Tamworth.

We bought a Calclear unit 2 months ago. Before we used Calclear there were major problems with our Carpet cleaning equipment. We have a  hot water system in the truck and whilst cleaning carpets found we had to clean out the filters on our carpet cleaning machine at least once in every room . Especially when we cleaned carpets out of town where bore water was used. On those jobs we had to clean out filters several times per room and the equipment suffered for 2- 3 days afterwards.

After we fitted the Calclear system to our hot water unit we have only very slight scale problems. Whereas we cleaned out filters on every job we now only have to clean out every 2-3 days.

This is a huge difference in time and labour. The CALCLEAR Water Conditioner has made a huge impact on the maintenance of our equipment and our business.

B P– Parker Brothers Sales and Services, Broken Hill



Whilst many areas of Australia have lived with hard water, increasing levels of Sodium are becoming our greatest concern, particularly the matter of corrosion in metal heating tanks including Stainless Steel. How can Calclear assist in such situations?


It is quite correct that hard water has, for many years simply been accepted as part of life, Adelaide is a classic example, surprisingly a very small percentage of businesses and an even smaller percentage of domestic homes have any form of water treatment.

Approx. seven years ago, in Adelaide, I was confronted by a dramatic increase in failures of Stainless steel booster tanks fitted to commercial dishwashing and glass washing machines, tanks were lasting only 12 – 16 months!! Chemical analysis revealed high levels of Sodium within the scale at the point of failure.

Considering we had a number of unaffected machines in establishments fitted with base exchange water softeners with the potential to discharge high levels of Sodium into the water, clearly Sodium itself was not the cause.

Further investigations provided both the cause and the solution. In order for Sodium to cause damage, it requires a suspension agent or carrier which will hold it in suspension for an extended period of time.

Scale on the walls of tanks provided the ideal carrier, eliminating the scale removed the potential for Sodium corrosion.

There are a number of ways to prevent scale deposits, Base exchange units (water softeners) Reverse osmosis, usually in tandem  with a base exchange softener,  (Scale, usually Calcium and Magnesium Bicarbonates is an enemy of R.O. systems) Both systems, whilst certainly effective, are often difficult to install, have high maintenance costs and in the case of R.O. systems have low outputs. Both systems work well when water has low levels of hardness and turbidity. As quality decreases, costs of maintenance increases proportionately.

Calclear is not confronted with the challenge of removing hardness, the Calclear system makes water ‘act’ like soft water, not only does it prevents scale forming it will, over time, remove existing scale deposits. No scale deposit, no Sodium problems in booster tanks. With no  ongoing maintenance costs.

Amata water hardness project – Anangu Pitjantjatjara Lands, South Australia

James Downing from Department of Land & Water Sciences Division, Bureau of Rural Sciences Aust. Commonwealth Gov. has completed a study using the CALCLEAR in the small township of Amata in central Australia. This may be seen on the Internet at

James thoroughly researched other water treatment systems and chose the CALCLEAR  because it was, “affordable, able to do the work, easy to set up, able to be solar powered and required no maintenance or salt”.

Interestingly not only was water softened and scale removed but occupants of the houses reported that the water tasted more palatable and they were drinking more.

The result is CALCLEAR units deliver a super treatment that enhances the treatment per litre/sec of heavily mineralised water. This has been more successful in treating scale buildup in pipes caused by heavily mineralised water and resolved other costly problems such as the treatment of iron and iron bacteria buildup in irrigation pipework.

This advanced technology has been welcomed by distributors and the results are extremely exciting!