The CALCLEAR Water Conditioner was launched on the Australian market in 1997, introducing a new technology in water conditioning aimed at eliminating filters, reducing scale and providing an environmentally friendly way of softening water by the use of electronic sine waves.


The original unit delivered a cycle of 64 sine waves. Since 1997, the original basic technology was marketed with model names including Major, Super, Neptune, Digital and Hydromaster. CALCLEAR is constantly working at providing better technology to provide optimum results.

Now, we at CALCLEAR Water Conditioners have enhanced our original technology and the range now consists of Water Buddy, Sentinel, Digital and Hydro Series 80-200. Since our beginnings CALCLEAR Research and Development has further improved the sine wave treatment by increasing the output in both power and cyclical programme now in excess of 1200 sine waves.

The Controller generates a unique proprietary sequence of frequency modulated sine waves producing 1200 to 5000 different frequencies in rapid succession. This is the reason why CALCLEAR is so successful and way-out in front of the competition.

The result is CALCLEAR units deliver a super treatment that enhances the treatment per litre/sec of heavily mineralised water. This has been more successful in treating scale buildup in pipes caused by heavily mineralised water and resolved other costly problems such as the treatment of iron and iron bacteria buildup in irrigation pipework.

This advanced technology has been welcomed by distributors and the results are extremely exciting!