In simple terms, the CALCLEAR technology works by keeping mineral crystals in solutions, thereby offering a treatment that is both prevention and cure for most of the scaling and corrosion problems caused by water in industry, agriculture and in the home.


The CALCLEAR system is unique in combining:

  • An effective de-scaling and scale prevention system (without the use of chemicals)
  • An economical supply of softened water (without salt or backflushing)
  • A water supply with proven growth and health benefits

Advantages of a CALCLEAR over conventional water softeners:

  1. Low capital outlay.
  2. Minimal fitting cost and time – no plumbing required.
  3. Minimal running costs – $5 electricity per year, no salt to add.
  5. No limitation on flow rate. The faster the flow, the better it works.
  6. The programming is transmitted through ANTENNAE COILS FITTED ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE INLINE PIPE.
  7. No maintenance – equipment de-scaled without taking it out of service and no salt regeneration.
  8. Portable – fitted or removed in minutes.
  9. No extra space required.
  10. Environmentally friendly – no chemicals needed.

The CALCLEAR system stands out as the most cost effective, environmentally friendly water treatment process available.

Additional benefits of a CALCLEAR System:

  • Enhances plant growth
  • Prolongs life of new and existing appliances.
  • Lower energy bills, more effective energy whilst not heating scale on walls of tank
  • Lower maintenance and repair bills
  • Prolongs filter life

CALCLEAR adopts an entirely new approach to solving water problems, which evolved from a need to prevent any of the minerals, not just calcium, contained in the water supply from forming crystals

The CALCLEAR system uses sophisticated microprocessors and programming to generate rapidly changing waveforms which are transmitted by our patented EMF (electromagnetic field) through the (patented) prewound pipe to treat the water flow. In the time taken to pass through this field, the mineral crystals are reduced to 4 microns or less. The treated water stays charged and starts to break down existing scale and mineral deposits on any pipes or equipment connected to the supply. Power is needed to connect the controller. Smaller units have a transformer (power pack) SUPPLIED. The CALCLEAR system is very effective without any interruption to the water flow or operations.

The potential for savings in terms of equipment life, maintenance, downtime, de-scaling chemicals, softening chemicals, and repairs, are unprecedented.

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