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Greene Eden Watering Systems in Cavan , Adelaide

Have had some exciting feedback for Greene Eden Watering Systems in Cavan , Adelaide.

Barry Goldsworthy from your office had asked me to ring one of his customers who installed a CALCLEAR on one section of his vineyard about three weeks ago.

Only early days, but Tony, at McDonald, North Adelaide Plains, was very happy that he hasn’t had to descale or clean any drippers in his irrigation system for the vines where he has installed the CALCEAR unit. He normally rides up and down the rows daily and notes where the drippers are blocked but has had his work load considerably reduced ~ he’s chuffed ! The dam / tank where he pumps his bore water (2000 ppm!) normally has iron and scale on the walls. This has stopped and the water is clear. He wants to put Calclear on 3 other sections now and is talking to his friends about it.

That’s the best advertising wouldn’t you agree?

However this is the bit that really excites me! Because Tony can compare treated and untreated sections of his vineyard he has made an interesting observation. The Calclear treated grape crop of Merlot grapes is appearing to ripen faster. The grapes are more evenly coloured and leaves are much brighter and healthier. Other sections still have smaller green grapes of differing sizes.

The ripening factor would be consistent with our research with Hydroponic tomatoes but we have wanted to see some results with grapes. As you know we were able to increase the Brix (sugar) levels in tomatoes producing higher quality fruit and greater percentage of dry matter and extended shelf life.

The Calclear unit reduces the particle size of Calcium and salts which are then able to be taken up by the plant. The taking up of Calcium means increased absorption of Potassium- fundamental to healthy cell formation which all means that the plants are able to use some of the “goodies” already in the bore water and grow stronger.

Tony considers he will be able to harvest two weeks earlier than normal. They have owned this property for 30 years so knows what he is talking about. Harvesting early would mean he can protect the crop from mould and weather damage and be able to get pickers before everyone else.

This will save him money wouldn’t you think?

I think I’m getting excited and you’re probably glazing over!

Thanks for all your support. Good luck at the Balaclava site also with iron problems. Current prewound pipe models attached.

The result is CALCLEAR units deliver a super treatment that enhances the treatment per litre/sec of heavily mineralised water. This has been more successful in treating scale buildup in pipes caused by heavily mineralised water and resolved other costly problems such as the treatment of iron and iron bacteria buildup in irrigation pipework.

This advanced technology has been welcomed by distributors and the results are extremely exciting!