Advantages of CALCLEAR

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Advantages of a CALCLEAR over conventional water softeners:

  1. Low capital outlay.
  2. Minimal fitting cost and time - no plumbing required.
  3. Minimal running costs - $5 electricity per year, no salt to add.
  4. Maintenance-free, true fit and forget system.
  5. No limitation on flow rate. The faster the flow, the better it works.
  6. Unaffected by water pressure - antennae on outside of pipe work.
  7. No downtime - equipment de-scaled without taking it out of service and no salt regeneration.
  8. Portable - fitted or removed in minutes.
  9. No extra space required.
  10. Environmentally friendly - no chemicals needed.

The CALCLEAR system stands out as the most cost effective, environmentally friendly water treatment process available.