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The CALCLEAR computerised water conditioners were originally aimed at the European domestic market as a low cost, maintenance-free and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional water softeners which need plumbing, maintenance, backflushing and endless supplies of salt. They also leave sodium deposits as a by-product of their operation which, from a health standpoint, is less than desirable. The main problem with European water is the very high calcium levels and the scaling problems are very visible and quite severe. The original model was developed specifically with this in mind, with the bulk of its frequencies and programming targeted towards the calcium and magnesium group of crystals. It can treat water flows in pipes up to 25mm in diameter.

It rapidly became apparent that the Major units not only softened the water and prevented scale formation but progressively removed existing scale deposits. All this achieved without chemicals or maintenance, and with negligible running costs, and for a price that was normally less than the plumbing costs of a conventional water softener. This brings the CALCLEAR water treatment within reach of almost every homeowner. The energy, repair and maintenance savings and prolonged life of any water using appliances normally pays for the purchase price of the units in the first 18 months.

Our current smallest model, the Water Buddy, has been developed further and is a stronger unit. Australian conditions have made it necessary to have a unit to cope with the many varied salts, especially in drought conditions.

The lifestyle benefits of soft water, which include improved taste and water clarity, better washing results and the removal of stains from kitchen and bathroom surfaces, are a welcome bonus, whilst the health benefits range from removal of shower mould to a reduction in skin irritations. CALCLEAR also changes the calcium crystals into a form that can be absorbed directly from the water by plants and animals. This has proven growth benefits for your garden plants and is likely to promote healthy bone structures and have a beneficial effect on problems such as kidney stones, which are little balls of calcium crystals forming inside the kidney. Most home owners, however, are just happy to know that their hot water services, washing machines and dishwashers are not scaling up and that an expensive visit by the 'repair man' will become a rare event.

When all this is added up and the benefits to the environment are taken into account, it soon becomes clear that there is no better way to treat your water supply.

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