Agricultural Benefits of using the CALCLEAR system

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CALCLEAR Agricultural applicationThe CALCLEAR Computerised Water Conditioning System uses a rapidly changing series of computer generated wave forms to break down all mineral crystals contained in our water supplies into tiny mineral particles of 4 microns or less. The treated flow goes on to progressively and permanently de-scale irrigation systems, drippers, sprays and water heaters, etc. As this is achieved without using acids and without taking any equipment out of service, there are huge savings in time, equipment, labour and chemical costs, and the environment wins as well.

More significantly, recent scientific research has proved that water treated with CALCLEAR not only enhances plant growth but reduces many of their growing problems by converting minerals crystals, particularly calcium, into a form that plants can take up easily. This means that healthy crops can now be produced from high mineral content water supplies that would normally be considered unsuitable for growing.

The CALCLEAR system is effective on all minerals contained in our water supplies and recent research has confirmed that it is mineral crystals that cause all of the scaling and corrosion problems and many of the growing problems encountered in agriculture.

It has now been proved beyond doubt that the transformation of large mineral crystals into tiny mineral particles has made them into a form that can easily be taken up by plants, this is particularly true of calcium. It has further been shown that large mineral crystals physically block the root systems and xylem, starving the plants of nutrients and preventing transpiration of calcium which is so essential to healthy growth, particularly when plants are under conditions of stress. It is now possible to minimise defects caused by calcium deficiency and transpiration problems such as tip burn, blossom end rot and bitter pit.

Tests by Suntec on hydroponic lettuce using bore and rain water, greatly reduced the incidence of tip burn, bolting and the bitter taste components whilst increasing fresh weight and prolonging shelf life. Even more significant was the fact that the bore water crops produced bigger and better plants than the rain water. This was because the bore water contained more minerals which were changed into a form that the plants could easily take up. It also emerged that salt is not so toxic to plant growth when there are no crystals present and we now have healthy commercial crops from high salinity bore water previously considered unsuitable for primary production. There is no reason why these benefits cannot be realised throughout every branch of agriculture.

The CALCLEAR Digital units can cope with any flow through pipes up to 60 mm and is effective on a wide range of minerals including soluble iron.